Using Insight in your CICD pipelines

Learn about the project of moving all CMDB related informations for Videobet from various legacy systems into Insight which is now being used as the backbone for their build and test processes and how this information is finding its way into their JIRA processes. In this session, Steven will also touch on how Swedbank plans to leverage InSight to help their 850+ scrum teams move towards CICD and eventually DevOps.

Steven Cocks

Independent IT Consultant

Steven has worked in IT since 1984. Started on Mainframes and moved to PC in the early 1990’s using OS\2 and eventually Windows. Full stack developer using C, C++, VB, C# and Java was his main focus until about 10 years ago when he started to work heavily with automation. Steven worked with build systems and automated testing frameworks. Having worked with many clients all over the world in many industries. Currently working with 2 clients, Videobet Sweden (part of the Playtech group of gaming companies) and Swedbank