Training – Jira Enterprise Workshop

This course, primarily strategic in nature, helps students 1) develop a set of best practices for documenting and optimizing Jira and the Jira infrastructure components within the enterprise and 2) establish a set of policies to manage growth moving forward. In general, the discussion around Jira application and infrastructure/system components is split to about a 60/40 mix, respectively.

This course is highly interactive and encourages student collaboration and participation.

Course topics

  • Audience
  • Jira in the Enterprise overview
  • Understanding your environment
  • Optimizing your environment
  • Managing growth

The Jira in the Enterprise workshop provides students with strategies, tools, and techniques for managing Jira in the enterprise.  The highly interactive and participative course helps attendees develop a strategy to better understand and deal with the unique challenges associated with installing, configuring, and managing Jira in the enterprise.

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