Overview list of assets

Define custom asset structures

Insight is built to meet the diverse needs of modern organizations. Insight is perfect to manage any IT related assets but it can also be used for so much more.

The usual suspects like servers, computers, phones, etc. can easily be tracked and managed in Insight. The automation framework gives you total control of changes to all your assets. 

The graphical explorer enables you to drill down to visualize asset dependencies. Dependency mapping and impact analysis has never been easier.

 Unlimited assets    Custom structures    References  

Overview list of assets

Access a detailed view of each asset

Each asset type can be defined differently, that's why Insight comes with unlimited attributes.

It's your freedom to define and configure your asset types to fit your business needs. By creating references between assets you can create the vital dependency mapping needed to describe the reality. 

The complete audit trail of all changes being made to every asset ensures compliance and enables change management reporting.

 Unlimited attributes    Unlimited references    Full audit trail  

Detailed overview of asset


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Visualize dependencies and assess impact instantly

Being able to visually examine dependencies in a large asset structure is key to any organization. Insight comes with several different graphs that help you analyse impact and make correct decisions.

Being able to smoothly navigate between the asset and related Jira issues ensures a quicker mean time to diagnose. 

You're also able to model your data directly in the object type graph. Implementing business and data models has never been easier.

 Asset graph    Linked assets    Impacted issues  

Graph representing asset dependencies

What users say about Insight Asset Management

    Admin - HF Technologia

    Very well programmed plugin. Cool to use. There are always updates and the price is very attractive. Thanks Riada team, keep it up!!

    Daniel Falardeau

    I am truly impressed at how good this add-on is. It is simply the best CMDB tool available. Its integration with Jira (and Jira Service Desk) is great especially the related issues section where you find any issue that affected a given object.

    Seb CC

    A must for every JIRA instance, just for this plugin you need Jira ! 4 stars rating is not enough really deserve 10 stars!

    José Javier Aguado Martín

    Simply the best add-on that you can get on the Atlassian marketplace. Beware: it's not just for IT Systems, but for any business sector. I work with Jira because there is Insight. Good job Riada!

    Tomasz Belina

    One of the greatest plugins for Jira. You can build any asset tracking solution extremely fast. Building a CRM, AM or similar solutions in Jira has never been so easy. Support is very fast. Great job.

    Daphne Thunnissen

    Besides being the only asset management add-on which can support ITIL the support is outstanding!

    Thomas Edding

    Nice plugin! It can handle more than IT data and it is the answer to store data hierarchically. Integration with Jira Service Desk is good. High added value. Thanks!

    Uwe Kappe

    This is a really useful plugin. It brings a CMDB to Jira Service Desk that is needed for IT support.

    Helene Lund Engebø

    Really great plugin for managing any type of object register. Opens up a lot of opportunities. Documentation is good and Riada support is excellent!

    Carl E Allen

    Insight is one of the best buys for organizations that want to track anything. I have used it to manage products, customers, and even as an organizational chart. Insight is now the single source of truth. I recommend it for every implementation. The power of Insight is limited by only your imagination.

Resolve issues automatically with triggers and actions

Automation is a fundamental feature in any enterprise asset management system. The super easy and powerful automation framework in Insight lets you define rules that can update assets, Jira issues and external systems.

By using the extremely powerful IQL (Insight Query Language), you can set up sophisticated automation rules that do the work for you.

 Automation rules    HTTP requests    Groovy script  

Conditions and actions for automation

Launch your ITSM practice in seconds with templates

Hit the ground running with a turnkey ITSM practice built in your Jira instance in mere seconds.

It can be daunting to set up a solid CMBD that is meshed with your Jira environment, which is the necessary foundation for seamless ITSM operations.

Let templates do the heavy lifting—by configuring a complete CMDB that is fully baked in the issues of a new Jira project and equipped with some automation.

Templates empower you to get your ITSM project off the ground in a few clicks—giving you a sandbox to play in or a foundation to build on.

 Sample CMDB    Sample Project    Sample workflows  

Template that sets up your CMDB that is deployed in a Jira project with sample data

Unlock the insights you need to streamline operations

Optimize business performance with reports that advise stakeholders on how to refine operations.

Insight allows you create reports on all aspects of your assets. Simply choose the kind of report, data and display you want in order to unlock valuable insights in mere seconds. Share your reports transparently on Jira dashboards and Confluence, where they will stay up to date.

The infrastructure and reporting needs of every organization are unique. That’s why Insight empowers you to create custom reports that meet your specific needs.

The powerful reporting framework allows you to ensure business alignment and achieve full transparency, accountability and compliance in governance.

 Real-time data    Configurable views    Shareable repots  

Reports that are deployed on Jira dashboards

Import data from external systems

You probably have a lot of data stored in external systems. The Insight import engine allow you to import that data with ease.

The built-in importers allow you to automatically import data from any database, csv files, ldap and json files.

The free Insight integration apps offer a pre-configured and automated way to import data from AWS, Azure, SCCM, Snow,  Google Cloud, and Service Now.

Getting your data into Insight allow you to finally have a system that can act as a single source of truth.

 Automated importers    Preserved references    External integrations  

Integrations automatically building CMDB

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