How to order from a license quote

To place an order based on the quote you received, send a mail to where you specify the following information - see example below.

  • Legal company full name
  • Company billing address (preferably email)
  • Company physical address
  • Company organization number (Swedish companies only)
  • Company VAT number (Non-Swedish European companies only)
  • Full Name of invoice receiver
  • Full Namn of the technical contact (who will receive and administer the license/s)
  • Email address to the technical contact 
  • International telephone number to the technical contact
  • The quote number


Order details example

NOTE: It’s perfectly fine and preferred to provide a PO (Purchase Order) containing all the necessary info instead of providing it manually.

Once we have received the info, we will deliver the license/s to your technical contact. The delivery is being made by Atlassian, they will send you a mail with instructions on how you (the technical contact) can access the license key/s at
You will also receive an invoice (30 days net) to your company billing address.

By ordering from the quote, you automatically agree to the Atlassian Customer Agreement:

If the quote contains products from the Atlassian Marketplace, you automatically agree to the terms defined in the Atlassian Marketplace Terms of Use:

Support Requests related to licensing or Atlassian software can be initiated at:

Please refer to the FAQ any further questions on pricing and licensing:

Riada has no obligation to deliver according to the quote if Atlassian or app vendors change product pricing prior to the quote due date. Riada is not responsible for support & maintenance for the quoted products unless explicitly agreed.

Riada has no obligation to deliver according to the quote if the USD currency deviates more than 2% between the quote creation date and the date of order.

If you have any questions of comments regarding the quote, please contact us at or call +46 8 733 31 25