Scaling Mediagrif's Information Management from Small Business to Enterprise

With many lines of business and different teams in different cities, processes can become chaotic. Hundreds of Excel files all over the world, plus  lost emails results in a lot of effort and manual tasks. Today, automated Insight data is used to justify financial decisions and simplify employee arrival and departure processes, saving a significant amount of time and money.

Learn how Mediagrif centralized its internal product inventory into JIRA, the only tool that is widely used throughout the company, allowing them to implement enterprise-level processes to manage every aspect of their internal tools lifecycle and optimize employees access management.

Didier Fautsch

Internal Solution Project Coordinator @Mediagrif Interactive Technologies Inc.

Didier Fautsch has been with Mediagrif for 3 years and manages projects from CRM implementations to Atlassian collaboration tools customization. He has a long experience analyzing and conceptualizing solutions to meet companies’ efficiency goals.


Pierre-Olivier Sauvé

Software developer @Mediagrif Interactive Technologies Inc.

As part of the Internal solutions team, Pierre-Olivier is responsible for transforming ideas into reality. He has put his programming knowledge to contribute to Mediagrif’s growth for the last two years.