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What a Great Conference in Iceland

Team RIADA went to Iceland for conference last weekend. It was an inspiring experience where we learned from each other and strengthen the RIADA team spirit.

We started off at Arlanda airport by playing a very inspiring Kanban game. Roll the dice and know your sprint capacity. We learned how to tackle the challenge of resource planning and the importance not to skip any maintenance work along the way.

After a (not so smooth) landing at Keflavik, we went to the Blue Lagoon for a dip in the azure blue water. What an amazing place. It was rather cold outside but the water was warm and cozy (didn't taste that well though ;-). We could have stayed there longer than allowed.

The next day we dived into workshops on how to work actively with CSR, or CR (Corporate Responsibility) as we prefer to call it. The RIADA definition of CR is:

Our corporate responsibility in society with regards to  economic, social, ethical and environmental aspects.

The creativity from our team is impressive and we've got great ideas how to contribute to the health of our planet as well as the society. The workshop results are being put together right now and will soon be communicated on our website.

The Tempo partner meeting

We were lucky to get invited for a partner meeting with Tempo and catWorkX (who also were in Iceland at the same time).

We listened to inspiring sessions on the products from these two experienced Atlassian add-on vendors. We took the opportunity to tell our friends about our Insight asset management add-on for JIRA. A special thanks to Tempo for a great dinner with fantastic food and a lot of beers. :-)

The next few days consisted of workshops and outdoor activities, here are some pics from our fantastic experience in Iceland.

iceland team photo 

Thank you Iceland for a great date, looking forward to see you soon again!

Originally published Apr 24, 2015 4:50:13 AM

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