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Welcome JIRA 7 - Read the News!

JIRA 7 has just been released, here are the significant highlights!

You have learned to love JIRA and add-ons like JIRA Agile and JIRA Service Desk. This time, Atlassian is refining the JIRA packaging to mirror the way organisations are using the JIRA platform. New functionality, updated packaging, new logos and new prices makes this the biggest JIRA release to date.

JIRA is no longer one product, it's three!

Say hello to JIRA Core, JIRA Software and JIRA Service Desk.

JIRA Core, formerly known as JIRA provides the traditional power of the core functionality in JIRA for the business. You'll use it as the worlds best system for issue tracking. It's perfect for every business team, from HR to finance and marketing. 

JIRA Software combines all the parts of JIRA that software teams love (flexible workflow, powerful boards, and integrations with development tools) into a single product, with an experience that fully integrates those elements in each JIRA project. 

JIRA Service Desk 3 is new service management software, that's simple to use and smart under the hood. It leverages the power of the JIRA platform but is purpose built for your IT and service teams. 

As mentioned, there are tons of goodies in this release. To support you with detailed information, Atlassian provides the Migration Hub where you can learn about new functionality, migration paths, updated pricing and much more.

Re-naming of Atlassian add-ons

As a part of this packaging, Atlassian is re-naming some of their add-ons as well as removing their logos:

JIRA Portfolio => Portfolio for JIRA
JIRA Capture => Capture for JIRA
Confluence Questions => Questions for Confluence
Confluence Team Calendars => Team Calendars for Confluence
Confluence SharePoint Connector => SharePoint Connector for Confluence

The JIRA Agile add-on as well as the JIRA Service Desk add-on will not be offered as separate add-ons anymore since the functionality is included in the JIRA Software and JIRA Service Desk package.

Want to know more, let Bryan Rollins explain it for you in this video:


Need help?

Existing, old and new customers to Riada can turn to us at any time to get help with migrating to JIRA 7 or to sort out licensing questions or any other related business.

We are ready for JIRA 7, are you?

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Originally published Oct 6, 2015 11:00:41 AM

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