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Continued investments in Riada Cloud

Operating Atlassian applications for our customers have been something we at Riada have been doing for over six years now. As many start-ups do, we started small with a limited amount of resources capable of handling the amount of clients we had back then. Much of the work was manual and we where using local (Swedish) IAS (Infrastructure as a service) providers. Riada's main focus back then was providing expert consulting on the Atlassian applications. The hosting part was not something we had invested that heavily into. Meanwhile Atlassian and their product stack was becoming more and more popular around the globe, especially in the Nordics. This popularity in conjunctions with the "go cloud" drive that many organisations were doing created a bigger and bigger demand on our hosting business.

Around 2015 we decided that hosting/operating Atlassian applications and providing them more as a service to our customers was something to invest further into, making it one of the primary branches of Riada. We both invested in more staffing and also standardizing on AWS (Amazon Web Services) as our IAS provider since their products and solutions fit our needs perfectly. Thus Riada Cloud was born!

Fast Forward to today and our Riada Cloud service is thriving. In the Nordics, we see more and more companies going for a Cloud first IT strategy which again means increased demand for our services. In 2018 we planned to make the next big investment in the Riada Cloud service to not only cope with the demand but also elevate the value of the service. This investment will result in multiple different deliverables changing many different aspects of Riada Cloud. We have already in 2018 hit many big milestones. Below are some highlights of improvements already made:

  • Developed completely new AWS platforms for Riada Cloud. These new platforms are better optimized around the Atlassian applications. providing better:
    • security
    • resource allocation
    • automatic and dynamic configuration with streamlined application setup
    • streamlined ability to deploy our new platforms in any AWS location
  • Improvements to our application servers on top of the platforms:
    • faster CPUs
    • faster memory
    • faster drives
    • performance tweaks on OS level.
  • Increased investments in our Riada Cloud Maintenance team to continue providing platinum level (Atlassians highest partner skilllevel) support on the Atlassian applications.
    • more staff
    • new training programs
    • improvements to support tools & processes.

2019 has just begun and we are continuing to develop our platforms to leverage & adopt AWS technology to fit the Atlassian software perfectly. Riada Cloud is not just about the operations, it's about creating the best possible user experience in the cloud while adhering to regulations like GDPR.

I'm very excited to continue this journey together with our team on the mission to provide world class service for all our customers.


Originally published Mar 8, 2019 6:50:45 AM

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