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Riada has Taken the Pledge

At Riada, we see giving back as a natural thing and a part of our commitment to society. That's why we over the years has been offering free product licenses and heavily discounted rates to non-profits and that's also why we every year give a portion of our profit to organisations like The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation or Room to Read. Our products, Insight and Insight Discovery, are becoming well known in the Atlassian Ecosystem as solutions for asset management and CMDB in Jira.

We have decided to join the Pledge 1% movement, inspired by our friends over at Atlassian. At this first step we taken the pledge to donate 1% of profit and 1% of product to philanthropic causes. We are also investigating how we can pledge 1% of time. Together, we can really make a difference!

"Giving back has been a part of our company culture since the start, over a decade ago. Taking the Pledge 1% is one of the easiest and most natural decisions we've made since we aim to continue our philanthropic investments. It's also a very good way to grow your philanthropic commitment as you grow your company. We hope that more companies will follow, especially in our Nordic region!" says Tommy Nordahl - Riada CEO.

About the Pledge 1% movement

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Originally published Aug 9, 2016 10:08:34 AM

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