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Riada Employs 10 New Stars in a Trice

We are on a fantastic journey where our business is growing every week. The increased number of assignments and the extended scope of them require us to grow faster than ever before. Growing fast with maintained superior quality can be hard, especially in the tech industry. Technical talent has high expectations when they choose their next employer.

Riadas position as the strongest service provider in the region for anything Atlassian is something that hasn’t gone unnoticed. Both candidates and customer are choosing Riada based on high quality standards and access to thought leaders and great professional value.

We are happy to welcome 10 new stars to our growing team.

These individuals come with various backgrounds and experiences. From deep technical oriented knowledge to business development and process engineering. One thing in common is that we all believe in the power teams and we are excited to strengthen team Riada with this amazing group.

It all starts tomorrow when we kick-off the on-boarding program for “Class of 2017”.

But there is no stopping there, several candidates are in the process and we will continue to grow. Congratulations to our customers, Riada is now stronger than ever and we look forward to present our new champions in our exciting assignments.

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Originally published Aug 30, 2017 7:14:38 AM

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