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Riada Awarded as Gazelle and Super Company

For the fourth consecutive year, Riada is awarded as Gazelle and Super Company from two of Sweden's most recognised business newspapers.

These two business awards are somewhat similar but also different in their criteria. Some of the requirements that a company must meet are:

⇒ 10 million turnover in the last financial year,
⇒ at least ten employees,
⇒ at least doubled its turnover, over the last three year period,
⇒ a positive operating profit over the last four years,
⇒ grown organically, not through acquisitions or mergers,
⇒ overall healthy finances.

The growth and financial performance is then measured against other similar companies in each industry. What is considered a great profit margin in one industry might seem very modest in another industry. That's how the real super performers in each industry are identified.

Out of 430.000 companies, only 641 made it to the list of Super Companies this year.


"Our business is to provide products and services to organisations that aim to take efficiency and collaboration to a higher level. It's obvious that our products and services are high on the wish list at companies that needs to evolve fast with high quality. Even though we've been in business for 12 years, it feels like we're just getting started. We are continuing to expand and refine our offerings and hopefully, we'll receive these awards next year again" says Tommy Nordahl - Founder & Chairman at Riada. 



Sweden on a roll

Sweden has experienced several years of good economic growth, the prognosis for BNP 2017 (Gross National Product) is currently at 2,4% and 2,5% for 2018. The labour market is developing positively with an unemployment rate of 6,6% this year anticipated to decrease to 6,3% for 2018 and 6,2% for 2019 even though Sweden has received an relatively high number of immigrants the last couple of years.

The positive economic development internationally and in Sweden is reflected in the number of growing Super Companies the last couple of years (diagram source:



"I'm super proud of our team that makes this journey possible. We work hard every day to deliver great value to our customers and these awards prove that we perform and grow together as a team and that we are making wise business decisions. Even though it's our fourth consecutive year as winners, it's always exciting to receive this kind of recognition." says Sofia Smedshammar - CEO at Riada




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Originally published Dec 27, 2017 7:22:02 AM