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NEW Product - Insight Discovery

Today, we’re excited to announce our newest product - Insight Discovery – an agentless network sweeper that automatically imports all your network assets into Insight and JIRA.

Insight Discovery provides a repeatable and reliable method to identify the elements of enterprise IT infrastructure, making it possible to capture an accurate and up‑to‑date view of all CI's, from hardware to software.

Insight Discovery is integrated with JIRA and unifies the process for discovering IT assets  to manage your CMDB in Jira.  Whether it's servers, routers, switches, printers, computers or any associated software installed on those assets.

Insight Discovery challenges the most well known systems in the world for network discovery!


Agentless, secure and automated

Insight Discovery is agentless, no software needs to be installed on the network assets. Insight Discovery uses credentials to logon to hosts on your network. All traffic is encrypted for your security.

You can setup Insight Discovery to run at a given interval, it will assemble all the information and import it into Insight automatically. The integration to Insight enables powerful automation to stay in control when things changes in your infrastructure.

With a simple, intuitive UI, the automation engine performs actions based on specific events and conditions defined by you. Create action-based rules to do things such as create JIRA tickets or send SMS and mail notifications to people when a server becomes unresponsive, execute groovy scripts or post HTTP requests.


SSH, WMI and SNMP protocols

Insight Discovery uses three different protocols to discover network assets.

  • SSH - For all Linux/Unix based systems
  • WMI - for all Windows based systems
  • SNMP - for all devices such as printers, routers, switches etc.

Information assembled can be CPU, RAM, Disk, OS, file system, installed applications and their versions, software licenses and their expiry date and much more.



Total control for only $1USD/host per month, devices for free!

Dependency Mapping & Impact Analysis

Insight Discovery recognises dependencies between hosts and their installed applications. All dependencies can be visually examined in the powerful graphs in Insight.


Want to know more?

Here are some links for you

Please note: You need to run Insight v4.1 or later to run Insight Discovery

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Now, enjoy Insight Discovery and let us know if you need anything


Originally published May 19, 2016 5:59:06 AM

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