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Insight Integrations: Manage All Assets in AWS & Azure

Two new Insight integrations released

Here at Riada we're continuing to work hard to make Insight asset management software for Jira the single source of truth for all the stuff that truly matters to you. One of the most popular features is the import framework that allows you to configure and schedule integrations to other systems through these import modules and automatically generate your Insight CMDB in Jira:

  • CSV Import
  • Database Import
  • LDAP Import
  • JSON Import
  • Jira Environment Import
  • Bitbucket Environment Import
  • Insight Discovery Import
  • Tempo Account Import

But that's only the beginning...

We're proud to annouce the release of two new Insight integrations:

These integrations allow you to automatically import infrastructure information from two of the largest cloud providers - and they are free of charge!

Business Value

Get full control over your cloud infrastructure, the resources you allocate and pay for. See how your infrastructure is equipped and how the different components are related. Get visual support when making critical decisions - how will your business processes be effected if you upgrade that database server?

Get detailed information about Hosts, CPU's, RAM, Disks, OS, Certificates and much more. Share the information with your team, they don't even need access to the AWS SAM or Azure admin consoles. We've made it super easy for you. Getting started only takes a couple of minutes since we've preconfigured the entire data structure for you.

Stay on top of your infrastructure and make sure you're not paying for resources you're not using. Why not let the Insight Automation Framework create a ticket 60 days prior to a certificate expiring?

Not an AWS or Azure user?

If you're running your own on-premise infrastructure, make sure you try out Insight Discovery, perfectly built to assemble all your hardware and software in one place.

More free stuff

Previously, we offered Insight for Atlassian Environments as a commercial app on Atlassian Marketplace - making it possible to import the full configuration of Jira and Bitbucket to Insight.  We're truly happy to announce that from today - this app is free of charge! While we're at it, we also decided to rename it to Insight Jira & Bitbucket Integration since its a better name describes what the app is about.

The import framework is truly powerful and it also allows for our customers and partners to build their own import modules as described here.

Stay tuned, more (free) integrations will be released in the near future.

Originally published May 28, 2018 5:40:12 AM

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