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Insight Workshop - Summit Barcelona 2016

To all Riada Partners

Get to know the inside of Insight at Atlassian Summit in Barcelona!

We invite all our partners to a workshop on Insight and Insight Discovery and how they solve the need for managing your assets in Jira with a built in CMDB. Learn the products and how you can extend your business with our add-ons.

We've delivered thousands of hours in professional services directly related to our Insight products. This is an opportunity for our partners to learn how to expand their businesses with our add-ons. Our common customers will be grateful if you master the power of Insight!


Date: Monday 2-May-2017
Time: 9am - 1pm
Location: TBD - Barcelona

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 What will I learn?

  • You'll learn the concepts and use cases of Insight to be able to have more advanced discussion with your customers
  • You'll learn the technical steps on how to get started with Insight
  • You'll learn how to position Insight to your customers
  • You'll also learn how Insight can be used areas far away from ITSM
  • You'll learn why automated network discovery is a perfect match with JIRA
  • You'll share your experiences and learn from other partners on how Insight can drive your professional services in the ITSM and Asset Management space

Is it for me?

  • If you want to expand your Atlassian business - YES!
  • You'll benefit from having technical knowledge of JIRA before attending this training
  • You'll benefit from this session if you are involved in customer discussions within areas like ITSM, Asset Management, Inventory, CRM and HR.

Who can apply?

How much does it cost?

  • It's totally free of charge

What should i bring with me?


If you have any questions, just send a mail to

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