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Insight 2.0 for JIRA is Released!

Today we have taken Insight for JIRA to the next level!

Insight for JIRA is an asset management tool built into Atlassian JIRA, where you can manage all your assets in your organisation. There can be hardware, software, staff, contracts and so on. Insight can be your CMDB within Jira. Whatever you need to organize, structure and control - let Insight be your best friend!

We have been working hard to make version 2.0 the best release to date, we listened to our customers and focused on the highest voted features. Some highly voted features has been returned to the backlog to be able to deliver version 2.0 before Atlassian Summit in San Jose, but we will attend them directly when we are back from California.

Here are the goodies in version 2.0

JIRA Service Desk Integration

Enable your internal (and external) customers access your asset structure in Insight right from the JIRA Service Desk customer portal.

Import your JIRA Components into Insight for a richer experience

The Component concept in JIRA, as well as any available cascading select lists, has significant limitations. We have opened Pandora's box by enabling import of JIRA components into Insight. Finally, you can have full scale details, hierarchies and relations between your components. 

Get on top of your assets by running Insight reports

You need great visibility of all activities related to your assets. Track time spent on certain assets or compare number of bugs reported on your three most important assets. Make decisions on real time data! 

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Insight Release Notes

Originally published Aug 29, 2014 11:41:30 AM