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Extreme Power with Insight v4

Today, we’re excited to announce Insight version 4.0 – an Enterprise Asset Management System on steroids for all you JIRA lovers out there.

This version of Insight will boost your team's efficiency and take the value of JIRA to a whole new level for your organisation.

Insight delivers an intuitive interface, a revolutionary new graphical visualisation on asset dependencies,  real-time reporting and kick-ass automation. Improve the productivity of your service desk teams and the happiness of your users.

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Insight integrates directly with JIRA Core, JIRA Software and JIRA Service Desk – the issue management software used by more than 54,000 organisations worldwide. By adding Insight, you have a full CMDB within Jira.

We talk to our customers every chance we get, and you asked for a more robust solution for automation, greater support for dependency mapping and impact analysis, faster object search and automated discovery of network assets.

And we've listened...

The result is a modern, flexible and extremely powerful system for all things that aren't issues - in JIRA - where all the issues are.



With a simple, intuitive UI, the automation engine performs actions based on specific events and conditions defined by you. Create action-based rules to do things such as create JIRA tickets or send SMS and mail notifications to people when a server becomes unresponsive, execute groovy scripts or post HTTP requests.

Writing a custom automation rule is super easy. First, decide the event that triggers this rule in the “WHEN” box, such as when a object's attribute is updated. Second, add one or more conditions to the “IF” box. For example, this automation rule will act upon all objects when the status is set to “Inactive” or "Down". Finally, select the action that will occur when the “IF” condition is met, such as create a JIRA issue or execute a groovy script that calls pager duty to send SMS to management. That’s it!


If you have thousands of assets to manage in Insight and Jira, automation is key to manage all of them effectively. We've prioritised freedom when designing this solution allowing you to select triggers like:

  • Attachment added
  • Attachment deleted
  • Comment added
  • Comment deleted
  • Comment edited
  • Object created
  • Object updated
  • Object cloned
  • Object deleted
  • Scheduled event

The "IF" condition can be designed with an IQL (Insight Query Language) statement. And to top that off, the actions possible to execute are:

  • Create JIRA Issue
  • Email Notification
  • Execute Groovy Script
  • Run HTTP Request

This level of freedom makes your imagination the only boundary for kick-ass automation with Insight.


For some time now, we've been working hard to provide you with a better visual experience when engaging with your asset structures. We are proud to finally deliver a totally overhauled graphical solution. We've introduced a new Object Schema Graph which allows you to not only see parent and child relations but also to create dependencies between object types directly in the graph.

The object graph makes it possible to perform impact analysis, like "What happens if this server goes down?". We also added the possibility to select level of reference depth in your graph to really get a "birds eye" when analysing your dependencies.

Dependency Mapping and Impact Analysis


" A must for every JIRA instance, just for this add-on you need JIRA!"
Sébastien Caré-Colin, Banook Group

New & Improved Search Features

Speed is everything and that's why we introduce a new global object search. You usually know the Name or Key on your favourite objects, use the global object search to find them immediately - regardless where they are in the structure. As icing on the cake, we added autofill as well.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 10.33.54

Insight version 4.0 also contains a lot of requested smaller features and bug fixes. View the release note for more detailed information.

See Insight in Action!

We will run a webinar in May to let you know about the new features in Insight v4.0 and you are invited.


And that's not all!

Insight v4 is a big milestone but we are just getting started. We heard you when you asked us about automatic network discovery so we're also happy to announce a whole NEW product: Insight Discovery

Insight Discovery is right now undergoing the final tests and will be released to the market 19-May-2016. Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter to share the birth of a new powerful add-on to JIRA.

See you at AtlasCamp

If you're going to AtlasCamp i Barcelona in May, we want to meet you! Read this blog post to book a meeting with our CEO during the camp.

Now, enjoy Insight 4 and let us know if you need anything


Originally published Apr 28, 2016 5:37:55 AM