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Enterprise Day 2015 - Time to Cultivate Your Garden

Is Confluence turning into a jungle? Your favourite wiki can grow wild in a blink if it is not cultivated. Below are two tricks to keep things in check!

Getting the information architecture right will slow down the decay substantially! The structure of your content must be intuitive so your users instantly know where to look for a certain piece of information and where to add new content. There are really no shortcuts here: you need to ask your users! Use tools such as card sorting and tree testing to find an information architecture that works for your company.

Make sure you have a clear separation between documentation and work items! Content such as policies, guidelines, or system documentation, need to be correct and kept up to date. It is important to have someone responsible to review this content regularly. Other content such as artefacts used for analysis, meeting notes, plans and schedules can be left to rot as soon as the activity they are tied to is done. Make sure that you, and your users, know which content belongs to either type. If the separation is unclear it becomes hard to trust documentation and users will waste time researching and creating their trusted copies of the documentation.

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Originally published Sep 22, 2015 11:09:04 AM

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