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Enterprise Day '15 - 5 Features in JIRA That You Should Use More

18 November | Stockholm
Riada & Atlassian Enterprise Day

5 Features in JIRA that you should use more often

One. The keyboard shortcut "gg" or "." will help you when you can't remember how to get where you need to go. Press "gg" and type what you are looking for.

Two. Hercules is your best friend, let him do the heavy lifting when troubleshooting your JIRA instance.

Three. Publish JIRA dashboard gadgets in your team space in Confluence to keep stakeholders up-to-date that don't use JIRA in their daily work.

Four. Extend the functionality in JIRA with the Automation add-on, it's the oil your machinery deserves.

Five. The audit log shows all configuration changes that have been made on your JIRA instance (g + g +  type Audit Log).

Learn the latest news from Atlassian Summit 2015

This year Atlassian's annual event Atlassian Summit is held in San Francisco November 3-5.  Want to hear the latest news about your the tools you love? Join us at Riada Enterprise Day!

Meet the Atlassian keynote speaker: Neal Riley


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Register for our pre-conference training on November 17. We will run the popular JIRA in the Enterprise Workshop where you'll learn about JIRA in enterprise environments. All attendees get 25% discount! Sign up for training! 

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