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Atlassian Summit 2016 - It's all About the Team

Our amazing Riada team has been back from San José for a week and the Atlassian Summit still keeps on giving. We are happy for the dialogue with all Summit guests and we will release webinars to further share our knowledge and tell you more about the business cases around our products, Insight asset management and Insight Discovery and how they can solve business cases as a built in CMDB in Jira and support the ITSM processes in Jira.



Our Insight Workshop for partners at the Fairmont was a huge success, we thank all the talented partners and their teams who joined us for this crowded session.




The Summit impressed in so many ways. In front of a 3,200-strong (record) audience founders Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar took the stage to officially open the 2016 Atlassian Summit. Mike gave the audience of attending customers, ecosystem partners and AUG leaders a big thank you. It has truly been  a year of success. Atlassian and its partners are together a total tech success story. Team Riada is proud to be part of this.

"It was really exciting to meet everyone in the creative and fast-paced Atlassian ecosystem." Peter Atthem, Riada



2016 year´s Summit theme, "Team Up", was explained by Mike himself. “We think about teams in everything we do”. Mike then invited leads from Atlassian’s product teams to the stage to share their latest and smartest innovations.

"An event that clearly shows that the future is looking very bright for Atlassian and its partners." Fredrik Karbing, Riada

Scott also talked about the driving force behind Atlassian: “When there were two of us it was so hard to work together as a team that we had to invent a collaboration company to make it easier to work with each other.”

They explained that they wanted their business to focus on problems that weren’t going to disappear overnight – like organising teams and projects. Team work is a big challenge, but a fun one.

Mike and Scott quite soon realized they wanted to build software – AND in a new and innovative way. This kind of challenge demands toughness and a little piece of crazy minds. Scott adds with a smile, “Mike was the only person I knew who was dumb enough to start a company with me!"


"Mike was the only person I knew who was dumb enough to start a company with me!" Scott Farquhar 


Company Culture


Just like for Riada a key part of building a company is also creating the right company culture – the way work gets done in the organisation. This is something Scott and Mike have always focused on to ensure success,  It´s all about the core values, the things you hold to be true.






An important part is to give back, which drove the development of Atlassian’s Pledge 1% initiative, enabling employees to give back to the communities, dedicating time and resource to issues that matter to them.

 Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 09.21.50
Scott and Mike then welcomed John Wood to the stage, founder of Atlassian-backed charity "Room to Read". Listening to John Wood, founder of Room to Read at Atlassian Summit, we (Riada) couldn't be happier, we are the first Swedish company to take the pledge1% and make the world a better place.
Team Riada challenge all companies in Sweden to take the pledge! Let's change the world together! No child should be told they were born at the wrong place at the wrong time.


"We couldn't be happier that Riada - as the first Swedish company - took the pledge1% to make the world a better place!" Tommy Nordahl, Riada

Products to services


From buying cars to taking Ubers and purchasing CDs to streaming on Spotify, the world is becoming increasingly services-driven. What does this mean for businesses? They really need to be on the there and fast.

“The ways we used to work don’t work anymore as people expect 24/7 service,” Scott noted. Didier Moretti, General Manager Cloud apps, warned about creating silos and jumped in on why DevOps is helping teams overcome silos. DevOps really works to overcome this by helping teams share both goals and tools.




“The ways we used to work don’t work anymore as people expect 24/7 service.” Scott Farquhar


From Riada we thank Atlassian, customers and partners that together make a first-class ecosystem to be proud of. Keep an eye out for our coming webinars starting in one week!

Team Riada
“It was great to meet existing and potential customers, not only for the great feedback that we have been given, but also to get insights about different organizations’ requirements, which will help us improve in the future” Mathias Edblom, Riada

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