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Atlassian Summit 2014 - Recap

What a great summit!

Nearly 2000 people (from 925 companies in 49 countries) attended the 6th annual Atlassian summit, this year at the San Jose Convention Center in California. Here are a few of the highlights.

Insight for JIRA

We presented our Insight asset management add-on for JIRA at summit. We received amazing response from many of our visitors. One visitor told us that their company, with over 4000 employees, has decided to get rid of BMC Remedy and replace it with JIRA and Insight as their future CMDB and change management solution.

Another visitor was so thrilled he said "I've got stars in my eyes...". This gentleman then said "With all this great functionality, I assume you also charge greatly for it?" When we showed him the pricing he was ready to get his check-book immediately :-)

We are very happy that we could show the value of Insight and we are now more motivated than ever to continue the great Insight journey - to deliver an awesome asset management system in JIRA.

JIRA Portfolio - New product

This new JIRA add-on makes JIRA suitable for portfolio management. It gives you the possibility to manage and follow up resources and projects in a whole new way.

Stash Data Center

Stash is now clusterable and marketplace add-ons will continue to work in the enterprise environment. Scaling Git just got a whole lot easier!

Agent based pricing for JIRA Service Desk

=> Now just $25 for agents (cloud)
=> New Server pricing
=> Finally: you only need a JIRA license to access the customer portal in JIRA Service Desk
=> You can n0w have a single customer portal for all your service desks

More automation for Dev Teams

=> Robots helps you with automated issue transitions or other updates to JIRA issues when a build is successful or a pull request is made.
=> The Dev panel gives you total control over all that is happening in your team.

Page Reviews for Confluence

=> Inline comments allow users to be pulled into context, to review the page per sentence or paragraph.
=> Rich text formatting for inline comments
=> Real time review popups notifies the user that there is a new page that needs to be reviewed
=> Approve or reject page reviews

and (drumroll) REAL TIME EDITING in Confluence is just around the corner! That's a big one! :-D

To sum up: A great week with great new acquaintances, great new stuff under the hood and a fantastic eco-system! Keep up the great work everyone!

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Originally published Sep 17, 2014 3:10:27 PM